About us

Stactically has been founded to make Big Data Analytics accessible to every professional football club in the world. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many football clubs have seen their economies affected negatively. Unfortunately, this situation has caused an even bigger gap between clubs that operate on a big budget with the rest of the clubs. The reason why that gap is being created is mainly because of the lack of access that many clubs have to the new tendencies in analytics. The process of implementing a Big Data department at their clubs is long and costly, at Stactically, we save you from all the costs of infrastructure that are needed to have access to this kind of advanced analytics. What is more, we also save you from the cost of human capital while we make sure you take a step to the next level by providing you customised in depth analysis game by game. All our services are based on Big Data Analytics, and on top of that, the “Tactical Analysis & Report” service is offered as an exclusive service, we just work with one club per division or league so we can focus all our efforts on making sure your team improves drastically.

Our goal

Our main goal is to make Big Data Analytics economically feasible and accessible for every club. We provide precise reports using very advanced metrics using data extracted from our exclusive database.

Why Stactically?

Even though there is no company that offers such unique services, there are many companies that offer costly access to data without helping coaches and staff analyse it. At Stactically, we gather data, analyse it, and we listen to the tactical ideas from your Head Coach and Coaching Staff to get the best out of their tactical approach. We help coaches to have a clearer vision on their ideas by listening to them and helping them understand our reports.

Founder & CEO

Founder of Stactically, Joaquín Escudero was borned in 1997, he has always been passionate for football since he was young. Joaquín always managed to combine studies with high level football at the Colegio Jesuitas-San Ignacio de Loyola in San Sebastian. After finishing High-School, he managed to obtain a scholarship at Caldwell University,New Jersey,USA as a Student-Athlete where he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration & Sports Management. After graduating, Joaquín decided to move back to Spain to study a Master´s Degree in Big Data Sports Analytics to get the best out of his football analysing skills. He decided to found “Stactically” to revolutionise football making Big Data Analytics accessible to clubs. 

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