Football has changed forever.

Incorporate a powerful analytics tool that is focused on results.

Get to know
your rivals in depth

Stactically offers you a deep and accurate vision of the tactical characteristics of your opponents. This includes several aspects such as the collective analysis of tactical behaviors, strategies, set pieces, etc. The main goal: To make your team more competitive. The end: win more games.

Be in front
of your opponents

Stactically is a predictive tactical analysis tool. The objective study of a multitude of variables about your opponents will provide you with the right criteria to make strategic decisions, and prepare game tactics. It is a technical advisor that never fails.

Take your players
to the next level

Stactically's analytical applications will allow you to have a better vision on your opponent´s squad as well as yours too. By knowing the players technical, physical, and psychological qualities you will have a deep vision of their potential and their spaces for improvement.

What do you win
with Stactically?

An objective tactical advisor that will help you making decisions

Stactically is the best advisor a coach can have. It offers objective data that helps you make the best decisions for the next game.

It only provides data that you can interpret

Stactically is based on advanced statistical algorithms that generate easy-to-interpret data streams.

A digital analyst to your service

There is no need of a Data Analyst with Stactically. Data will arrive filtered and visualized in an intuitive and simple way. We do not generate torrents of useless data, Stactically gives you what is useful for you and your team.

Work with the only non-intrusive system in the market

Stactically does not extract data from video material. Therefore, we respect the confidentiality of your players. This will avoid any conflict of privacy. In addition, the system is simple to implement, without the need for complex processes. It's almost like a game, a winner’s game.