Tactical Analysis and Report

Weekly analysis on your teams current situation and performance while analysing your rivals in depth. We provide exclusive and customised analysis for your team to help your coaching staff prepare for the next game. We make our reports based on very detailed stats about the next game given by using very advanced metrics.

Are you lacking on data to prepare for your next game?

The tools that you are currently using are not enough to study in depth your current situation and your opponents. Your coaching staff does not have access to data to elaborate advanced and detailed analysis and that is affecting your teams performance on the field and your results.

We offer reports basing on Big Data Analytics

Thanks to our exclusive database, we elaborate weekly reports ahead of the next game using very precise metrics. We collaborate with your Head Coach and Coaching Staff by arranging constant meetings to get the most out of their ideas.

Player Performance Analysis

Detailed report on your players performance by using our detailed metrics to improve his performance on the field.

Do you want to know everything about your squad?

You are trying to figure out why your players are not performing at their best. You can not get your players to develop their abilities to the maximum.

We analyse your players individually

We improve your players’ impact on the field by using all our data. We are compromised to improve your players productivity on the field while finding the best tactical positioning for him.

Marketing Solutions

Digital advertising campaigns on the main platforms such as: Google, Instagram, Facebook… We will create your website to help you sell all your merchandising on the internet. We will elaborate a marketing campaign to attract new fans.

Do you want to reach a bigger audience?

Your advertising campaigns are not generating as much money as you expected. You are not attracting as many fans as you would like to. Advertising techniques are quickly changing.

We elaborate digital advertising campaigns

We make sure you get the maximum return on your advertising investments. We improve your presence on the internet. We design sales funnels to reach a concrete audience.